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Glyn Marston is dedicated to promoting sports in his community of Willenhall and the Boroughs of Walsall. Cycling is another way of getting folk 'off' the settee and back into an enjoyable fitness regime, getting rid of the 'obesity' reputation that Walsall has, is (and always has been for many years) a priority for Glyn and by giving all age groups an activity to take part in ( dodgeball for the young, Walking football for the mature and cycling for all age groups) Walsall will soon lose its reputation of being the nations obseity capitol. Glyn Marston's cycling challenges can be found on the challenges page, here you will find updates on products that Glyn feels could be essential to cyclists.




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I'm not much of a status gal but I feel I have a message for all bike riders. On Thursday I was riding the 8 minute cycle from work as I do every day. A car coming in the opposite direction didn't see me and turned right, hitting me. I went over the bonnet and landed on the road on the other size, head first. I can't even describe how hard my head hit the ground because it's like nothing I've experienced before. The thing that has meant that I could walk away with only minor concussion and bruising was my HELMET!!!! There was absolutely nothing I could have done to prevent this from happening, it wasn't even a major road. I was a minute away from my house. Yesterday I took a stroll and my eyes are open to something I haven't noticed before. About 3/5 people, not wearing bike helmets. Our heads and brains are so so fragile, it's not worth it. I am certain that my story would be a different one if I wasn't wearing my helmet. PLEASE MAKE WEARING YOUR HELMET A LIFETIME HABIT. It could save your life too!!!!!!


Jorvik Tricycles

A wonderful company who provide adult tricycles for those who are unable to ride two wheeled bikes. Glyn's autistic son is enjoying a new pastime of riding a Jorvik trike - photos to follow of Liam on his trike.

Click on logo to go to Jorvik website.

3CJ Cycle centre,




A great cycle store with great customer service, repairs or upgrading your bike- this is a great store to visit.

Glyn Marston uses this cycle centre all the time to keep his bike in good condition.

  A Saturday ride with 3CJCycle club, one of many riding sessions planned by 3CJ.C.C.

a new exciting cycling club in Longbridge, Birmingham.  

Join us for one of our Bostin’ sportive cycling events, riding through wonderful countryside, following fully-signposted routes with well-stocked feed stations, emergency support and a great atmosphere!

Whether you are new to cycling and looking to do one of your first cycling events or an ‘old hand’ then we are sure that you will find one, or more, of routes to your liking; whether short and flat or long and challenging – we have it covered.

All of our cycling events have routes that are are fully-signposted which allows you concentrate less on where you are going and more on the outstanding scenery that we try and build into all our routes and, with us being cyclists ourselves, we like to think that we understand what riders want when taking part in a cycling sportive; quiet roads, great routes, outstanding scenery, fabulous support, welcoming feed-stations and above all a friendly atmosphere.

All of our cycle sportives are British Cycling registered (you do not have to be a member of British Cycling to enter) and accordingly are operated to the highest standards of care and professionalism.

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