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This page is for information of the charity fundraising events that Glyn Marston has planned for the near future. As you are aware that Glyn's dedication to his community and charity fundraising will keep him busy- on this page you can keep updated on Glyn's future events.

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Coast to coast (C2C) 2018

Angie Marston ( along with her 'coach' Glyn Marston) successfully took on the challenge of cycling coast to coast ( C2C ) Whitehaven to Tynemouth, a challenge she  did to raise funds for BLOODWISE. Folks can still donate by using the link.          Click on the link to the left of this page to read about this great challenge. 

After the death of her father to Hodgkins Lymphoma, Angie was obviously devestated but wanted to honour her fathers memory by raising funds for charity in his his name. She turned to the one person she knew who could motivate her to train for such an epic challenge - Glyn Marston. Angie has now gone from beginner to completely confident on two wheels and is looking forward to the challenge in June 2018.

To sponsor Angie click on the link below    


Great news - Glyn Marston has been chosen as an Owayo Ambassador 2018. Below is the confirmation email.             #owayoambassador2018



Hi Glyn,

Hope you had a great start into 2018 - You certainly played a part in making ours a good one. After reviewing nearly 500 applications from around the globe, it was very difficult to differentiate and decide amongst the plethora of talented athletes, like yourself, looking to lead our ambassador program and branding initiative 2018. The level of competition was extremely high, so in all instances it was only minute points that drove our decisions. Because it was so difficult, we are even more excited to let you know that we have chosen you as an owayo ambassador. I know this is crazy, but it’s going to be great.

In order to outfit you with the ambassador collection, I will need you to complete and return the attached pdf so we have your sizes and can start up the printers.

We look forward to working together with you and are excited to see the outcome of this project.

If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to reach out to me.


          Owayo Ambassador 2018

Glyn Marston has been chosen (from numerous applicants from around the world) to be an OWAYO AMBASSADOR in the Owayo ambassador 2018 program.

It is a thrill and an honour to be selected by such a company who designs and makes custom kit for cyclists , runners and other sports folk.

Glyn Marston will soon get the chance to relive his childhood dream and drive the BATMOBILE that featured in the 1960's Batman series.

CAR CHASE HEROES provide a great driving experience in iconic cars.

To get the chance to drive the Batmobile is a thrill for anyone and for Glyn it was a day of reliving his childhood days.

Thanks to carchase heroes Glyn had a day to remember as he drove around a race circuit in the car made famous by Adam West and Burt Ward.... the 'BATMOBILE' .

The Batmobile - a Lincoln futura concept car was built by William M Schimdt at Lincoln- Mercury division of Ford motor company in 1940. The car is just under 19 feet long and is 7 feet wide with a ground clearance of 6 inches - there was even a space for a telephone in the centre console.

The futura made its film debut in 1959 in the film 'It started with a kiss' starring Debbie Reynolds and Glenn Ford.


Eddie Graves ( production artist for 20th Century fox) designed the batmobile and then a modified Lincoln futura concept car became the batmobile.

There were four licence plates used for the batmobile during the tv show  2F-3567, TP-6957, BAT-1 and ZEF 451

This fantastic bit of kit keeps Glyn's training intense.

An exciting new product that Glyn Marston loves and has made part of his training. On his long and gruelling cyclling challenges, Glyn Will be carrying this product with him to keep him going until the finish line.

Made with only natural ingredients- these pouches really do keep Glyn feeling sustained on a challenge.

Click on image to enlarge.

NüDEST Snack Pouches
Delicious, Nutritious and Super Portable - Perfect for Snacking on the go, 
NüDESTS love being outdoors! So take them cycling, hiking, running, use for pre or post workout snacking or indeed keep one in your pocket or bag for when the munchies hit!
We use only natural ingredients, never add refined sugar and are a good source of protein and fibre while being low calorie and low fat too.
Our NüDESTS are made from blended whole fruit, some wholegrain, a little greek style yoghurt and natural whey protein.
Our two first NüDESTS are:
Banana, Honey and Oats 
Apple, Pear and Cinnamon
You can buy them on Ocado and a number of stores in London

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