Sweet charity the musical

                Glyn's first appearance on stage - Arcadians Theatre company

The first time he walked into the dressing room his heart skipped a beat. "I can't believe I am here" shouted Glyn in joy as he walked in the MAC Theatre, Birmingham.

His role in the musical 'SWEET CHARITY' was to be the first time in front of a live audience - but not his last.

The male members of the cast getting ready for another performance and Glyn (far left) has paced the dressing room over and over as his nerves was getting the best of him. But with Arcadians theatre company alongside him, Glyn's nerves was soon settled.

The official programme of the musical.

Everything about this production was done to the upmost professionalism from the lighting to the musical direction and the directors leadership.


Ensamble - List of some of the cast members that include some talented and dedicated folk.

A great group of folk who have received great reviews from the audiences who came along to watch the preformances.

Glyn Marston is so proud to be part the production- even more proud to be part of the group.

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