Triple tower challenge



                        The only person in the world to have taken on this challenge.




When Glyn Marston thinks up a challenge- you know it will be a gruelling challenge to test his own strength and stamina, this challenge was to be just that... a test of stamina, willpower and endurance.

The only person in the world to have taken on this challenge- a challenge that he devised, planned and titled himself.

From Pisa to Eiffel to Blackpool via the Montreaux (to visit Freddie Mercury's statue), this 1,600 mile ride in a little over 16 days was to put Glyn to the test and as gruelling as it may have been, Glyn throughly enjoyed the journey.

The triple tower challenge is a challenge that Glyn will return to in the near future ( funding/sponsorship permitting)

Freddie Mercury's statue- overlooking Lake Geneva.

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