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Long distance running, long distance cycling, dodgeball, stand up paddle boarding and now...... OPEN WATER SWIMMING!

In Glyn's latest book (1977, My first year of epilepsy) he tells of his love of swimming, either at the local leisure centre and once in the local canal (for a dare). Over the last 45 years, Glyn has been a recreational swimming and enjoyed the warmth of a swimming pool but now - he is enjoying the freedom of the open water and looks forward to swimming challenges in the future.

 Wearing his bright orange swimming cap, Glyn has found great excitement in a lake. Here is Glyn at Cliff Lakes, near Tamworth.

After an induction session, Glyn was eager to get off in the lake and enjoy the exhillerating feeling of swimming in the cold water.

A wetsuit is recommended to help keep the body insulated and protected from the cold by trapping a layer of water between the skin and the neoprene. The layer of water warms to your body temperature and gives valuable insultion to your body, in cold conditions your body shunts warm blood to your core by closing blood vessels in your skin and extremities. This can cause muscle cramps and fatigue - also, cold can cause you to experience mental confusion and impaired co-ordination.


Glyn sends out a big 'THANK YOU' to  The outdoor swimming company for a great introduction into Open water swimming.

Caroline has a great way of making open water swimming more enjoyable.





At the end of another swimming session, taken at Cliffe Lakes, Kingsbury near Tamworth.

Glyn is enjoying his new found pastime, swimming in open water is such a thrill and so exhillerating.

I think we will be seeing Glyn taking on a few open water challenges in the near future.

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